What to expect when you arrive at Lumber Jaxs

before you start your axe throwing fun.

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your booking. 

Once you arrive and have been booked in by one of our axeperts, your name or party will be called by one of our axeperts as soon as your lane is ready.

You will receive a safety briefing from your nominated axepert. We ask that you listen carefully during this time. No axes should be thrown until your told its safe to do so. Once briefed we can start with practice throws.

When practice time is over ……that’s when the real fun begins, you will compete with the rest of your group.


How safe is Axe throwing?

   Very safe! 

You have the Axeperts looking after you and as long as you listen and follow their instructions, you will have safe fun.

You will be in throwing lanes which are fenced off. This is to keep throwers and axes all contained in a safe environment.  Only the thrower and Axepert are allowed in each lane at any one time.

Axe throwers must NOT collect their Axe’s until their Axepert says it is safe to do so.

Please respect all throwers, no harsh language, abuse or foul play. We expect participators to maintain a high degree of sports man ship, up to and after their final throw.

Throwers must play fair, respect (win or lose) and follow exactly what the Axepert say.

NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS!! If we believe you to be under the influence, you will be asked to leave ……common sense really!

axe throwing- tamworth

How do I win my Axe throwing game?

The target is made up of rings and each ring is points.

Centre “bullseye” 5 points – ring that bell!!

Next ring 3 points

Outer ring 1 point

There are 2 blue dots at the top of either side of the board. If you’re good enough to get one these “kill shots” you get 7 points

The Axe must stay in the board, if the Axe falls, the point is not counted.

What should I wear at Lumber Jaxs?

Boots, Trainers, DMs – no open toes, flip flops and definitely no crocs (not just for health & safety reasons) 

If you have long, unruly hair, its advisable to tie it back.

Avoid loose ‘floaty’ clothing

Casual, (warm in the winter) clothes, your throwing Axes in a warehouse! 

If you want to wear fancy dress, go ahead! We love a bit of dress up at Lumber Jaxs but please consider health & safety when choosing an outfit!

You will have fun and we will see you again!!!